ETRIA World Conference TRIZ Future 2004

Florence (Italy), November 3-5, 2004

Location: Convitto della Calza
Piazza della Calza, 6
50125 Florence, Italy

1. Objectives of the ETRIA Conference TRIZ Future 2004

The last two ETRIA “TRIZ Future” conferences were focused on scientific, academic and pedagogical aspects of TRIZ development in 2002 and best practices in systematic innovation through industry (mainly automotive) in 2003.

The proposal for 2004 is to focus the aim of the conference toward the integration of TRIZ with other methodologies/tools and the dissemination of systematic innovation practices even through Small and Medium Enterprises.

According with this objective the first day of the conference will be co-organized with the “local” Italian TRIZ Association “Apeiron”

2. Program of the ETRIA Con 2004

The participants to the conference should be able to follow the presentations and gain the maximum value apart from their TRIZ knowledge. According with this goal the sessions should follow an increasing expertise order. Nevertheless, it is clear that third day speeches will be appreciated more by experienced participants. A poster session could be planned dependently on the quantity of submitted papers. Power-point presentations, foils or slides must be made in English.

Continuing the tradition of the previous ETRIA Conferences in Strasbourg and Aachen, the organizer will invite keynote speakers. A Russian to English translator could be available.

Wednesday, November 3rd
(ETRIA + APEIRON, in Italian, with simultaneous translation in English)
Morning: TRIZ Fundamentals - Tutorials, Valeri Souchkov, ICG, The Netherlands (In English)
Afternoon: Italian case studies and experiences
Thursday, November 4th (in English)
Keynote: Viktor Fey, TRIZ Group, USA
Case Studies – Experiences (15 + 5 min each)
Evening: trip to Vinci for visiting the renewed museum of Leonardo; Dinner
Friday, November 5th (in English)
Keynote: Hansürgen Linde, WOIS Institite, Germany
TRIZ integration - TRIZ developments (25 + 5 min each)

Please find here the Detailed Conference Program (web format)

3. Downloadable documents

4. Conference fee

Early Registration
(Before Sept. 1st )
APEIRON members Authors PhD Students
Nov. 3rd 150 100 100 100 free Free
Nov. 3rd - 5th 650 500 500 500 50% 200 (early 150)

Conference fee (full/early registration) includes conference proceedings, lunch and coffee breaks, dinner in Vinci. Conference fee (PhD students) includes conference proceedings, lunch and coffee breaks.

5. Call for papers

6. Guidelines for the selection of papers

7. Communications

The information about the conference will be published on the ETRIA web site ( and Apeiron web site (

8. Proceedings and publications

Conference proceedings will be made available at and after the conference. Abstracts will be presented on the Internet. Conference folder will be sold after the conference approximately for a half the price of the conference fee.

9. Organisational topics and advertising

Member of the global coordination Group are requested to contact and invite possible industrial contributors and distribute the information about the conference through their networks, the Internet, publications in newspapers and magazines.

Pre-announcement with draft of the conference program flyer should be available till end of July 2004. Conference program and official invitation of the audience - till mid of September 2004.

10. Further information

For further general information about ETRIA please contact ETRIA, about the World Conference TRIZ Future 2004, please contact Gaetano Cascini, University of Florence, Italy.