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TRIZ WorldWide Survey

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As TRIZ is now wiedly spread throughout the world, it has undoubtedly randomly evolved throughout people and organization perceptions and uses.

Under ETRIA's organization and most of its world-wiedly spread members, we had the idea to launch a survey as large as possible, touching both academical, industrial and consulting institutions.

The idea is to capture an image as reliable as possible of the world-wide perceptions of TRIZ and ongoing directions based on reported facts by world-wide key persons. In this objective I draw a survey consisting in Five chapter of questions and a total of 54 questions organized as a system (depending on answers people are directed through different set of questions). The survey is made sufficiently short in order for people not to spend more than 20 min to fill it (if data's are available to them).

The proposed methodology starts with a first circle of people (coordinators), one per country, realying the survey thoughout his/her nationwide contacts (see map). It is therfore important, as a start for this activity, to count on the participation of these relay persons in their respective countries.

The role of a coordinator in his/her country will consist in 3 tasks :

1. Identify in his/her country, people that will, as seriously as possible, relay the image of TRIZ uses (and derivated methodologies). Both in Academia (of various elevels), Industry (of various size and sectors) and consulting firms.
2. Send a mail to each of them explaining the objective and the hyperlink to the survey (you will also need to fill the survey under your own name/organism).
3. Discuss (write a short paragraph) around the graphical results I will send after I will compile the results

Of course, through ETRIA channels all participants and above TRIZ communities, will benefit from all results from this study for their eventual personal and future uses and if they agree, cite their name in the written report I will compile and publish afterwards.

Last Updated on Sunday, 17 February 2013 16:39