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Journal of the European TRIZ Association - INNOVATOR 01-2014 Volume 01

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Journal of the European TRIZ Association - INNOVATOR 01-2014 Vol. 01

The collection of seleted practitioners papers from TRIZ Future Conference 2014 is in open access and is included to the Innovator, the journal of the European TRIZ Assocation.

Special Issue: Selected papers presented at the 14th International TRIZ Future Conference - Global Innovation Convention, Lausanne/CERN, 29-31.10.2014

Editor: Pavel Livotov

ETRIA e.V. - European TRIZ Association. ISSN 1866-4180

Please click this link to open or download PDF file (12MB): Innovator 2014-01


Please cite the articles as:
Surnames, Initials. Title of the Article. Journal of the European TRIZ Association, INNOVATOR, ISSN 1866-4180, 01/2014 Volume 01, pp...

Content  01-2014, Volume 01


Carine Au, Claude Gazo, Marc Trela, Bénédicte Hayne, Jean-Louis Tébec
TRIZ Methodology Adapted to a Dynamic System Projected Acoustic Study                


Pavel Jirman, Sergey Logvinov, Ivan Mašín
The transition from the Function Analysis to the TRIZ solving tools                          


Barbara Gronauer, Horst Th. Nähler
Case Study: TRIZ-supported Development of an Allocation System for Sheet
Metal Processing                                                                                           


Jeongho Shin, Suhyun Kim
TRIZ DOCTOR: A Mobile Application for Learning TRIZ.                                        


Xavier Lepot, Axel Neveux, Séverine Baudrux, Yves Guillou
2A2CI, an effective innovation methodology that makes TRIZ people
& business compatible                                                                                   


John Cooke
Improving the value of products and processes by combining
value analysis techniques and lean methods with TRIZ.                                         


Oliver Mayer, Robert Adunka, Horst Nähler
A Simple Computer Tool for Applying Usage of Contradiction Matrixes                      


Godwin I. Ekong
Application of Creative techniques in Effective Management
of a Power Generation Plant.                                                                           


Petr Lepšík, Michal Petrů, Ondřej Novák, Ladislav Ševčík
System Solutions for Increasing Nanofibre Production through TRIZ.                        


Thomas Nagel
Application of OTSM-TRIZ for definition of Engineering Process model
and related deployment Strategy.                                                                    


Roland Waldner, Christoph Dobrusskin
Product improvement using TRIZ at Philips, a case study.                                      


Ford R., Bogatyreva O., Iravani P., Bogatyrev N
TRIZ in Robotic Engineering: Wall Climbing Robot Challenge resolved
with PEGASUS algorithm.                                                                               


Wang Rui, Cheng Siyuan, Yang Xuerong, Zhou Jingping , Zhao Rongli
TRIZ-based Patent Design Around for Enterprises: An Innovative Redesign of
Pencil Extender Device.                                                                                  


Petr Lepšík, Michal Petru, Ondrej Novák, Pavel Bartonícek
Innovation of Coordinate Measuring Machine Using TRIZ Methodology.                    


Sajjad Nazidizaji, Ana Tomé, Francisco Regateiro
Parameters and Contradictions in Indoor Accessibility Problems.                             


Marius C.H.M. Wouters, Christoph Dobrusskin
Trend of S-curve evolution for roadmap development in the lighting industry.            


Christian M. Thurnes, Frank Zeihsel
TRIZ-board game for waste reduction in Lean Production and Management.             


Hiltmann, Kai
Trend of increasing coordination in biology.                                                        


Erik Vargas Rojas, María del Carmen Pichardo Paz, Víctor Sauce Rangel
Redesign of a Bearing Extractor Tool for an Aircraft Engine, using Reverse
Engineering and TRIZ.                                                                                   


Kyeongwon, Lee
Simple TRIZ Process “Quick TRIZ 2014” for non technical fields with resolving the
dilemma in business, service, government policy and social conflicts systematically.    


L. Duroux, N. Becattini, G. Carignani, E. Gecele, M. Porcellato
Online collaboration for TRIZ studies and problem solving.
The experience of APEIRON, the Italian TRIZ accosiation.                                     


P. Sire, D. Gillmann
TRIZ “knowledge spiral” (and first steps of ARIZ) solving Civil Engineering
“thermal link” issue.                                                                                      


Christoph Dobrusskin, Anne Belski, Iouri Belski.
On the Effectiveness of Systematized Substance-Field Analysis for Idea Generation.    


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