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To get access to the members part of this portal, you need to be a member of ETRIA.

Membership in ETRIA is open to any individual who accepts and supports the objectives and tasks of ETRIA.

Membership in ETRIA provides a number of membership services including web access to the ETRIA conferences database, community space, regular information of members, as well as discounts for conferences, events, and publications produced in association with ETRIA.

Due to the non-profit status of ETRIA, our mission shall be realized through an open international collaboration of its member organizations. The results of the organization's activities will become available to all involved parties.

The members are not restricted in any way from designing, developing, marketing, and producing any TRIZ-based, derived, or competitive methods, methodologies, services, or software applications. Members are not bound to implement or follow any recommendation from ETRIA.


According to the decision of ETRIA members meeting on November 4, 2009, to obtain a five-year membership in ETRIA is also possible by taking part in the events officially approved by ETRIA, for instance, by participating in the ETRIA TRIZ Future Conference or regional events conducted by the members of ETRIA Country Representatives Group. Such participation will automatically launch ETRIA membership provided that the fees for local events will include the fee for the 5-year ETRIA membership.


Types of Individual Membership:

  • Euro 40,- per year (plus Euro 40,- entry fee)
  • Euro 200,- five year membership incl. entry fee
  • Participant of the recent ETRIA TRIZ Future Conference (no fees to be paid for five years membership)

Individual ETRIA membership fee is automatically deducted from a fee paid for the participation in the ETRIA TRIZ Future Conference or ETRIA approved regional event.

Unless payment for your membership has not been deducted from your participation in the ETRIA events, all payments should be performed via PayPal. Annual payments are to be paid at the beginning of calendar year using PayPal subscription option. Not paying the membership fee leads to membership cancellation.


In case you have not participated in the recent ETRIA conference, you can contact us by e-mail or  submit your application with an individual membership application form in PDF format.

For more information concerning the membership of organizations or institutions, please contact us by e-mail to: info @