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Mission and Objectives

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The European TRIZ Association (ETRIA) intends to function as a connecting link between industrial companies, institutions, educational organizations and individuals concerned with conceptual questions pertaining to organization and processing of innovation knowledge.
TRIZ is considered as a cross-disciplinary, generic methodology, but it has not previously been presented in terms of logic or any other formal knowledge representation. Most of the concepts introduced in TRIZ are fuzzy, and most of the techniques are still heuristic and only partially formalized. For further development and conceptual re-organization of the TRIZ knowledge base, ETRIA shall involve and collaborate with TRIZ experts and professionals from the fields of logic, organization science, informatics and linguistics.
The ETRIA has been set up to accomplish the following tasks:
  • Promotion of research and development on organization of innovation knowledge in general and particular fields by integrating conceptual approaches to classification developed by artificial intelligence (AI) and knowledge management communities;
  • International observation, analysis, evaluation and reporting of progress in these directions;
  • Promotion on an international level of the exchange of information and experience of scientists and practitioners in TRIZ, of universities and other educational organizations;
  • Development of TRIZ through contributions from dedicated experts and specialists in particular areas of expertise.
To achieve these tasks, ETRIA will form an open community which will unite the efforts, suggest opportunities for global standardization, conduct further research and development, and provide mechanisms for the exchange of information and knowledge on TRIZ and TRIZ based innovation technologies.


ETRIA aims at developing a web-based collaborative environment targeted at the creation of connecting links between any and all institutions concerned with conceptual questions pertaining to the creation, organization, and efficient processing of innovation knowledge and innovation technologies.
In the modern knowledge economy, the value of knowledge is growing relative to other assets and new intellectual property is being created at an ever increasing rate. Therefore, the ability to find non-trivial solutions, systematically generate new concepts, and create intellectual property rapidly become crucial to achieving competitive advantage and leveraging the intellectual potential of organizations.
The process of technological innovation is currently undergoing radical changes. The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) - a recent breakthrough in the theory of inventiveness, and Knowledge Management - is an important factor in helping organisations manage their way through these changes.
TRIZ (the internationally used Russian acronym, proposed by TRIZ-creator Genrich S. Altshuller, 15.10.26-24.09.98) is regarded today as the most comprehensive, systematically organized invention knowledge and creative thinking methodology known to mankind.
TRIZ has the following advantages over traditional innovation supporting methods:
  • Marked increase of creative productivity.
  • Rapid acceleration of the search for inventive and innovative solutions.
  • Scientifically founded approach to forecasting evolution of technological systems, products and processes.
Knowledge Management and other Web-based information technologies address the needs of organizations in the capitalization of all of their existing knowledge, allowing them to treat that knowledge as a resource to help provide uniquely powerful solutions for capturing, indexing, storing, and retrieving knowledge by any and all authorized personnel.
Integration of TRIZ and Knowledge Management forms a new area of expertise by addressing the needs of organizations through:
  • technology to analyze complex situations, problems and processes,
  • techniques for solving inventive and innovative problems,
  • access to generic patterns of innovative solutions,
  • systematic mapping between requirements and solutions,
  • technology to store, retrieve, categorize, manage and use the corporate knowledge assets of organizations,
  • creativity to overcome psychological inertia.


The ETRIA will provide:
  • Web-based access to our content and subscription of individuals and corporate clients to our online services.
  • A distributed electronic collaborative TRIZ environment with a set of interactive services based on state-of-the-art content management and Web portal development technologies.
  • A formal framework for opening new discussion forums and research initiatives.
  • Promotion and education of the best business practices and guidelines for industrial and educational organizations.
  • Accounting for cultural diversity, to ensure access to the content by people, speaking different languages, and having different cultural background.
  • Establishing a worldwide forum for exchange of the latest research and practical information.
Please visit our pages regularly to find information about specific activities which will be announced in the nearest future.
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