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Journal of the European TRIZ Association - INNOVATOR 01-2020 Volume 05

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Journal of the European TRIZ Association - INNOVATOR 01-2020 Volume 5

The collection of unpublished papers and presentations of the TRIZ Future Conference 2003 is in open access and is included to the Innovator, the journal of the European TRIZ Assocation.

Special Issue: Selected papers presented at the 3rd International TRIZ Future Conference - Worldwide Best Practices in Systematic Innovation through Automotive Industry, November 12-14, 2003, Aachen, Germany.

TFC2003 Editors: Gaetano Cascini, Denis Cavallucci.

ETRIA e.V. - European TRIZ Association. ISSN 1866-4180

Please click this link to open or download PDF file (120 MB): Innovator 01-2020 (05)


Please cite the articles as:
Surnames, Initials. Title of the Article. Journal of the European TRIZ Association, INNOVATOR, ISSN 1866-4180, 01/2020 Volume 05, pp...




Best Practices for Systematic Innovation with TRIZ Methodology in Automotive Industry
Pavel Livotov (Offenburg University, Germany; ETRIA e.V.)
Editorial 5

Requirements for systematic process innovation: System dynamics versus TRIZ?
Andreas Jost
(DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology, Germany) 8

TRIZ approach in an automotive supplier: MGI COUTIER
Pascal Guerry (MGI COUTIER, France) 20

Proposal of an Object-oriented model of the physical contradiction to facilitate the problem-framing phase in design
Sebastien Dubois, Phillippe Lutz, Francois Rousselot (INSA Strasbourg, France) 29

PAT-Analyzer: a tool to speed-up patent analyses with a TRIZ perspective
Gaestano Cascini, Paolo Rissone (University of Florence, Italy) 39

Transformation of structurally similar elements of technical system
Elena Novitskaya (Educational center "Universum", Belarus) 60

Deployment of TRIZ within PSA Peugeot Citroen and Experience Feedback
Guillaume Dupont and Marcel Monnier (PSA Peugeot Citroen, France) 67

New system of standard solutions of inventive problems
Vladimir Petrov (Israel) 82

High-Level Innovative Solutions using Non-Linear S-Field Models and Combined Effects
Prakash R. Apte (Indian Institute of Technology at Bombay, India) 98

Applying TRIZ to Endodontic Tool Design
Ellen Domb (PQR Group, USA)
and Joh "Jack" Jacklich (Special Products, Inc., USA) 110

Differentiating the role of TRIZ in sustainable and disruptive innovation process
Pavel Livotov (TriSolver Group Europe, Germany) 125

Fast Software by TRIZ
Michael Schlueter (Philips Semiconductors GmbH, Germany) 136

TRIZ - past, present and future
Vladimir Petrov (Israel) 149

Innovation process as a key to the market success in the engine manufacturing business
Thomas Novacek (MTU Aero Engines, Germany) 172

About non technical barriers preventing efficient TRIZ integration into organisations
Denis Cavallucci, David Oget, Michel Sontag,
and Nathalie Gartiser (INSA Strasbourg, France) 184

Vehicle soundproofing: Improved door seal
Dominique Benoit and Chris Rhodes (ArvinMeritor, France) 200

Levels of TRIZ support for the innovation and problem solving projects in the automotive industry
Dennis Murnikow (TriSolver Group Germany, Germany) 220

TRIZ cases study in Volkswagen of Mexico
Edgardo Cordova Lopez (Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, Mexico) 228

Total Product/Process Development System:
Where Six Sigma Meets TRIZ and QFD
Michael S. Slocum (Breakthrough Management Group, USA) 267

Innovative process chain optimization – Utilizing the tools of TRIZ and TOC for manufacturing
Tilo Pfeifer and Martine Tillmann
(Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology, Germany) 282

Constraint-dominated breakthrough innovation in a manufacturing process situation:
A case study from the photographic paper manufacture industry.
Ian Mitchell (Ilford Imaging UK Ltd., UK) and Darrell Mann (CREAX, Belgium) 302

Towards a management of problems formulation within the framework
of lean manufacturing implementation
Zahir Messaoudene (INSA Strasbourg, France) 329

Solving technical problems in manufacturing processes by using embedded-TRIZ
Jan C. Aurich and and Karsten Jenke (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany) 344

Applying the TRIZ principles of technological evolution
to customer requirement based vehicle concepts - Experience report
Eckhard Schueler-Hainsch and Christine Ahrend (DaimlerChrysler AG, Germany) 364

Observing the development trends of glass moulds using the laws of technical system evolution
Pavel Jirman (Tech. Univ. of Liberec, Czech Rep.),
Bohuslav Busov (Tech. Univ. of Brno, Czech Rep.),
and Alexander Skuratovich (TRIZ consultant, Belarus) 374

TRIZ experience at Hutchinson
Nicolas Gombert (Hutchinson, France) 382

TRIZ based patent analysis for lighting electronics
Siegfried Luger (Luger Research, Austria) 396

TRIZ-based technology intelligence
Markus Grawatsch (Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology, Germany) 412

Peculiarities of structural and functional analysis of forecasted engineering systems
Peter Chuksin (LG Electronics, South Korea) 424

Using TRIZ to Create Innovative Business Models and Products
Atsuko Ishida (Hitachi, Japan) 431

On the question of the generating typical solutions
Alla Nesterenko (Academy of educator's retaining and upgrading, Russia) 448

TRIZ for people: psychological aspects
Nelly Kozyreva (Belarus-TRIZ, Belarus) 462

Complimentary materials and other publications:

AIDA Automatic Idea Generator – an effective tool for boosting engineering creativity and inventiveness
Pavel Livotov (TriS Europe Innovation Academy, Germany) 488


A Comparative Analysis of Praxiological Networks and Selected IDEF Models
Maksymilian Smolnik                                                                                     4

A framework of forecasting techniques as a checklist to minimize the likelihood
of product design failures
Yuri Borgianni                                                                                               12

A systematic literature review of TRIZ used in Eco-Design
Shqipe Buzuku, Iuliia Shnai                                                                              20

Application of TRIZ Concepts to University Career Development Education:
A practical example of lecture activity with TRIZ
Kiyohisa Nishiyama, Leleito Emanuel, Nobuaki Sakai                                            32

Automation of conceptual design stage of framed buildings projects using
TRIZ function modelling in BIM environment. A case study
Ivan Renev, Leonid Chechurin, Elena Perlova                                                      39

Combining discrete event simulation, data analysis, and TRIZ for fleet optimization
Sébastien Bach, Roland de Guio, Nathalie Gartiser                                                47

Developing a method to aid engineers in finding solutions for functional problems.
Literature research, including biomimetics and TRIZ
Nienke Nijenhuis                                                                                         62

Forecasting of product and technology development using
heuristic-systematic approach
Sebastian Koziołek, Marek Mysior, Bartosz Pryda, Robert Smirnow, Marek Robak                   71

Generating New Product Ideas with TRIZ-derived ‘Voice of the Product’
and Quantum-Economic Analysis (QEA)
Oleg Abramov                                                                                              80

Innovative interaction design approach based on TRIZ separation principles
and inventive principles
Xiaoguang Sun, Rémy Houssin, Jean Renaud, Mickael Gardoni, Denis Cavallucci          88

'Liberty vs. Love': The Principal Contradiction of Human Culture.
(2) The 'Liberty vs. Love' Contradiction and 'Ethics' at the Personal Level
Toru Nakagawa                                                                                           97

Multiscreen Analysis for Team Strategy Development
Tiziana Bertoncelli, Francesco Papini, Kunal Goray, Oliver Mayer                              105


The 40 Inventive Principles to conduct negotiations - Strategies and tactics
to solve conflicts in communication
Claudia Hentschel                                                                                          113

The method of the design improving by using the TRIZ function analysis
and the trimming
Nikolai Efimov-Soini, Leonid Chechurin                                                               137

The Study of Effectiveness of TRIZ Tools for Kaizen Activities in Japan
and Developing Countries
Manabu Sawaguchi, Heikan Izumi                                                                     145

Trimming in the context of IT-services
Teemu Toivonen                                                                                          153

TRIZ popularity, challenges and strategies to make it work in Finland
Behrooz Khademi, Kalle Elfvengren, Leonid Chechurin

TRIZ to resolve socio-technical contradictions within the product usage
integration in design
Rémy Houssin, Amadou Coulibaly, Denis Cavallucci, Jean Renaud                             186

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